| May 8, 2020
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 NEOM in cooperation with Misk Academy of Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation (Misk) has launched the business skills program “ SPARK”, which comes to support and encourage entrepreneurs, who want to develop their ideas to start their businesses, through providing them with needed skills and experience. The program provides vocational guidance and intensive training vocational guidance for trainees for six weeks. Over the course, participants will go through different stages designed with highest necessary standards for the success of projects including learning how to build a successful business strategy and the means of presenting projects professionally to attract investors. The cooperation between the two sides comes to launch a set of educational and development initiatives and programs, which will contribute to achieving investment in the human capital and supporting the non-oil sector, in addition to increasing the number of projects in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SPARK is approved by Global Entrepreneurship Network will enable the participants to identify the difficulties they face in projects, as they will work with experts to find right solutions, build their own brands and define the appropriate investment structure to ensure the success of their businesses. The program aims to increase the number of small and medium enterprises that contribute to improving and diversifying production sources in line with Saudi Vision 2030 to raise the percentage of contributing enterprises to the gross domestic product (GDP) and accelerate the economic transformation. Ten best candidate projects will be able to present their projects to the arbitration committee and will receive the silver certificate of Spark Program, while the five best presentations will receive Gold Spark certificate, in addition to receiving financial rewards and media coverage to help them promote their projects.

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