NEOM Seven Senses Accelerator

The SEVEN SENSES ACCELERATOR brings together entrepreneurs to exhibit their products and provide services for well-attended networking showcases that partner with multiple external stakeholders and several NEOM sectors in the planning and rolling out of events, such as:


  • Two local event companies that manage more than 12 events in NEOM and Tabuk.
  • One facility that has been developing with NEOM projects and transferred from an establishment to corporate.
  • One freelancer has improved his work and started his own company in photography.
  • Nine locals from Al-Badaa for National Day.
  • One Jewelry maker from Al-Badaa.
  • Ten Food truck operators trained to become NEOM suppliers.
  • One drone provider from Al-Badaa.
  • Three photographers for NEOM school initiatives.
  • Six productive families1 for the Ramadan bazaar.
  • One photographer to document the tourism tour guides workshop
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