NEOM friends - Building a Culture of Volunteering

NEOM Friends was born out of the passion of the young people of NEOM to make a meaningful impact through a bespoke volunteering program that creates value for all. Carefully crafted to care for the community’s specific needs based on meticulous analysis of the gaps, NEOM Friends has set the benchmark of volunteerism in the NEOM and Tabuk region.

NEOM Friends targets NEOM’s internal community, starting from employees and their families and extending to the external community, with volunteers from the Tabuk region.

Another goal of the program is to make community service accessible to everyone to foster a culture of responsibility and solidarity that would drive social work to the next level and make a deeper impact. Volunteers can join the program by applying through a digital platform.

Over its first year, the program produced excellent outcomes that provided the volunteering community with a sense of value and belonging. Through different initiatives across three key areas social development, environment, and healthcare, the program attracted 758 volunteers rigestered in NEOM Friends platform with more than 3,000 volunteering hours in 30 initiatives that benifited 30,000 people.

NEOM Friends program formed the starting point for many voluntary programs and initiatives within two main axes: development giving and responsible awareness.

Development Giving

Goodness and giving are noble human values that we act upon in a social development focus to support everyone in need and to empower environmental and health issues.

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