NEOM's community initiatives held an event for Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 — Tabuk, Saudi Arabia NEOM's community initiatives held event for the Global Entrepreneurship Week NEOM's community initiatives held an event for Global Entrepreneurship Week in cooperation with Monsha'at, which was hosted by Fahd Bin Sultan University in Tabuk, where it aims to develop the skills of community leaders through sessions, workshops and workshops that were opened in exchange for professionals and professionals from the local community.

NEOM and Misk Academy launch SPARK program to empower entrepreneurship, innovation in Saudi Arabia.

 NEOM in cooperation with Misk Academy of Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation (Misk) has launched the business skills program “ SPARK”, which comes to support and encourage entrepreneurs, who want to develop their ideas to start their businesses, through providing them with needed skills and experience. The program provides vocational guidance and intensive training vocational guidance for trainees for six weeks.

NEOM CSR Launched HERFA+ Program for the local community crafters

"NEOM" company, represented by the Social Responsibility Department and Dulani Business Center of the Social Development Bank, launched "HERFA+" initiative, which aims to provide financial and training support to the craftsmen of the local community in the regions of Tabuk and NEOM, which was held in cooperation with the Council of NGOs in the Tabuk region, will include the following crafts: embroidery and fashion, jewelry making, drawing and sculpture, Sadu, weaving and palm industries, in addition to the manufacture of perfumes and incense. 

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