| June 18, 2021

"NEOM" company, represented by the Social Responsibility Department and Dulani Business Center of the Social Development Bank, launched "HERFA+" initiative, which aims to provide financial and training support to the craftsmen of the local community in the regions of Tabuk and NEOM, which was held in cooperation with the Council of NGOs in the Tabuk region, will include the following crafts: embroidery and fashion, jewelry making, drawing and sculpture, Sadu, weaving and palm industries, in addition to the manufacture of perfumes and incense. 

The training program lasted for two weeks, which aims to empower, support, and qualify home-based and micro projects, through a package of initiatives and development programs to raise the efficiency of human resources, which will contribute to the development and sustainability of businesses in line with the vision of NEOM and the Kingdom 2030. 

We also concluded this initiative with “HERFA +” bazaar, which extended for 5 days, starting from Friday, June 18, at Tabuk Park Mall, which aimed to display the products of the participants in the program and enable them to sell them.  This initiative is part of the social responsibility strategy that is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations through: Quality education, Gender equality, Decent work and Economic growth, The development of sustainable cities and communities, in addition to creating partnerships to achieve the goals.

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