| November 24, 2020


Tuesday, November 24, 2020 — Tabuk, Saudi Arabia NEOM's community initiatives held event for the Global Entrepreneurship Week

NEOM's community initiatives held an event for Global Entrepreneurship Week in cooperation with Monsha'at, which was hosted by Fahd Bin Sultan University in Tabuk, where it aims to develop the skills of community leaders through sessions, workshops and workshops that were opened in exchange for professionals and professionals from the local community.

Some in the field of entrepreneurship participated in their inspiring career for students, and This is a testament to NEOM's interest in the youth, which it relies on to lead the country's economic future.

Hosting our inspiring speakers in Entrepreneurship Week and we were pleased to hear their advice, as Professor Hashem Nabulsi spoke about the future of investing in NEOM and about NEOM's welcome to all projects that support 16 sectors, and Ms. Rana Zamaei spoke about the importance of partnerships and encouraging a culture of innovation.

Mr. Qassem Al-Atwi talked about how to differentiate the brand, and Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Abdullatif, the winner of the Spark Award, mentioned the details of his full experience about his Spark contest, and also talked about the TIKNA project and how he developed the idea into a huge data analysis platform.

Yara Gooth, NASEEJ Market, talked about its project idea, which started by creating a single platform that brings people interested in the textile and fashion sector together, and Mahra Al Ahmari, founder of Car Tech website, spoke about supporting sectors for her project and facilitating the car rental / rental process through the Car Tech application.

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